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Financial Execs Get Back at the “Occupy Wall St.” protestors / Occupy Main Street ( comic)

#OccupyWallStreet – The message of there being no clear message

I refuse to buy into the mainstream media driven narrative being delivered about the protest and its lack of a fixed message or the immediate necessity of one. The media loves sound bites, but the issues are too big and too many and too complex to be effectively reduced without cutting out things of vital importance just for the sake of it being a nice, neat, singular talking point. I refuse to let the bullshit narrative of “no clear message” discredit or diminish this honest outpouring of direct action. It seems to me the message is clear. It’s ‘The system is fucked up! It’s time we do something about it, occupy and take action to affect change!’. This message is being heard and embraced as evidenced by the outpouring of worldwide public interest and support. Each day i hear about a new city joining the list of #occupy locals.
People are fed up and pissed at the status quo. There are a multitude of valid grievances that need to be addressed. It’s no wonder there are different demands depending on who you talk to. Most all of these issues and messages should be heard and not limited or stifled when they really do need to be addressed. The overarching theme of the demonstrations is clear too in my opinion. It centers around the economy, corruption, corporate power&greed and fairness. Grassroots efforts often begin very messy. It’s the nature of a horizontally driven force. I would bet as time goes on we’ll see refinement and a continued increase in organization. As a grassroots effort, it should be allowed to develop naturally and democratically and not be steered or forced into a limited mode of being by the media, or elites.

In my personal opinion, i would like to see a focus on:
-Campaign finance reform
-Eliminating or drastically redefining corporate personhood & Overturning Citizen’s United vs FEC
-Restoring the rights in the Constitution that have been subverted or infringed. / Addressing the essentially institutionalized government bribery system. / Addressing the power of the FED.

There are so many issues to be addressed, however i believe few will be really dealt with in the depth and scope that’s needed unless those issues are tackled first. We need to restore the voice and power of the people, the 99%. For too long has the voice of big money been allowed to dominate our lives, the airwaves of civil discourse & public policy.

The ‘Occupy’ Movement

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